2016 DATES:
May 1st
June 19th
July 24th
August 14th
October 16th

This year we have some great news..
Big news for the 3 man, There will be $$ prizes!!!

Our 3man tournament is a great way to break into tournament play. We keep a relaxed environment allowing you to concentrate on how the tournament is run. Always a good time and well worth giving it a go!


Registration: $75 per team per event
Paint:starting at $45/case
Registration right online for the next tournament 3man:
Team Name:


For all the tournaments the field will be set up by 9:00am. You have an hour to walk the field and get your gear ready. If you want to show up before then you're welcome to, the field just wont be set up. Captains meeting is at 10:00am first game goes out at 10:15am

If you and your team/friends are planning on playing all the 3 man events,
take advantage of this great savings.

Register your team for all 5 events to save 20% that's one FREE tournament!
Only $300 for all 5 tournaments!
But this is a limited offer and is ending May 1st.

Team Name:

Team Registration: $75
Paint: starting at $45/case

Register your team right online!
Team Name:

BOLP Paintball presents: The BOLP Classic. A 5man open class paintball tournament. The field opens at 9:00am captains meeting 10:00am. First game goes out at 10:30am.
BOLP is always a good way to wrap up a season with a fun tournament.

I know a lot of people asked for more 5mans this year. So if you are still interested in seeing more of our 5 man tournaments then please voice it loud and clear for us on our Facebook or email us. Thanks for everyones continued support in making this another great year at BOLP!


we will be bring this back this yeat dates coming...