A full safety breifing will be given by the head referee on your day of play. Listed below is a brief outline of the rules.

1. Waivers must be signed each time you come to the field. If you are under 18 you will need to have a parent sign your waiver before the day begins. You can print out waivers ahead of time Here to make check-in a little faster.
2. Goggles must be on in all marked areas. All players are required to have their goggles on while on the field for any reason.
3. Barrel bags must be in place in staging area and all other non-game areas. The barrel bag must be on until you enter the netting and the referee instructs you to take it off. Replace the barrel bag on your way off the field.
4. All guns are chronographed to 270FPS or lower - No exceptions. If your gun won't turn down, we have rentals available, but you will not be using your gun until it is fixed.
5. No firing guns in the staging area, parking lot, or any other "safe" area (even just air).
6. No ramping, rebound, bouncing, etc. One shot per trigger pull.
7. No physical contact, profanity, or unsportsmanlike conduct.
8. No blind firing. You must be able to see what you are shooting at, aim and then pull the trigger. No holding your gun above the bunker and shooting while your head is buried like an ostrich.
9. Referee calls are final - if you have a problem, talk to the ref after the game.
10. No alcohol or illegal drugs. If you are caught you will be ejected from the facility.

* When you are hit, please be honest. If you are not sure if the ball broke or bounced, call for a paint check and a ref will be there ASAP or you could also ask one of your fellow players to check you. NO WIPING WILL BE TOLERATED WHATSOEVER! WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON ANYONE WHO WIPES! Gun hits count unless it has been agreed otherwise prior to the start of a game. When you've been hit put gun and hands above your head and yell hit. You can call your self out at anytime you need to or if you feel unsafe.

* Overshooting is discouraged. If you see that someone has been hit, stop shooting.

* If you yell HIT or even say hit you will be asked to be out -- (Ref's call). "HIT" is a word that means you are out. So don't yell "I hit you" . instead yell "check yourself" or tell ref to "check them".

* You can play with as much paint as you would like to carry (or can afford).

* Bunkering is allowed. Please be considerate to the newer players and try to surrender them -- much easier in woodsball then speedball, but you know what we mean.
* When being surrendered you don't have to surrender but remember they will most likely shoot you if you turn around. We suggest when someone has a gun to your back just to put up your hands and yell hit!

* We are all friends here. If you get overshot we are sorry, but sometimes it is unavoidable and part of the game. * Paintball is a sport of honor, play it with honor. Play hard, play fair and above all else -- HAVE FUN!